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    Stage equipment and facilities how to manage
    The author:admin Update time:2019-4-17
    Stage machinery safety issues involving the design, manufacture, installation, inspection, operation and use and maintenance aspects of maintenance, the theater management system, a part of any improper handling, accidents can happen machinery or physical safety of safety-related incidents. Due to the rapid development of Chinese theater building, construction standards and regulations is lagging behind, people thought lack of knowledge within the industry technical standards, in particular the lack of management standards, procedures incomplete specification, specific operational procedures are not wide coverage, has become a constraining China career security the main factors of development. Industry experts already manage the theater stage machinery as to ensure the safety and security of the important measures, and called on all sectors of the industry, theater, design units, equipment manufacturing units, construction and installation units, inspection units to establish a system, a sound management system to ensure that stage machinery and equipment in the whole life of the use of safety. Theater management system stage machinery equipment and facilities is to ensure the continued safe operation theater performances a series of norms, but also ensure that the basis of stage machinery system safe operation of equipment. Management is security, management is also productive, the industry should be given great concern and attention.
    1. Standards, specifications, system construction
    1.1 Institutional Management
    System was developed by the relevant units and departments required their staff to abide by the guidelines, enterprises and institutions for a specific job, formulate specific matters must comply with the code of conduct, its makers and publishers are government agencies and organizations, enterprises and institutions their departments.
    In the system, standardize the basic means to coordinate cooperative enterprises and collective behavior within the organization's management is institutionalized management. The essence of institutional management is based on the scientific concept of fixing system, norms, as a basic mechanism for organizing collaborative behavior, mainly rely on independent individual, rational and reasonable implementation of scientific management authority. Institutionalized management has the following main features:
    Division of labor is determined by the powers and responsibilities of each position and formation of the system;
    Different institutions, levels and the size of the power to determine their status, ordered the formation of a chain of command or rank, and to consolidate the form of the system;
    Text predetermined characteristics and post office staff quality, ability, and through formal means to select post member;
    Ownership and management of enterprises is separated;
    The implementation of management because the incident set people, every manager has the necessary powers to perform the corresponding functions, but the powers have to be strictly limited;
    Curatorship is a professional manager, he only dedication, instead loyal to someone.
    Systematic Management essence, is to rely on the system built by the rules and norms of objectivity management mechanism to manage. Institutionalized management scientific, objective, normative and stability.

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