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    Public broadcast product maintenance knowledge
    The author:admin Update time:2019-4-17
    Scientific broadcasting equipment maintenance is the key to prolong its life.
        Here are some of the basic knowledge of routine maintenance:
        1, broadcasting equipment normal operating temperature should be generally 18 ℃ ~ 45 ℃. Temperature is too low will reduce some of the sensitivity of the machine; it is too easy to burn out components, or components to make premature aging. Pay special attention to summer cooling and maintain good ventilation.
        2, broadcasting equipment and avoid direct sunlight, avoid near heat sources such as radiators.
        3, broadcasting equipment after use, the function keys to be reset. If the function key is not reset long, long period of its pulling torsion spring is stressed, it is easy to cause malfunction.
        4, before switching power supply device, the amplifier volume rotary potentiometer to a minimum, which is an amplifier and speakers of the most effective means of protection. This time the amplifier power amplifier is almost zero, at least you will not cause harm to the speaker at the time of misuse.
        5, boot open from front to rear, which is to open the CD drive, and then open the front and rear stages, when the power amplifier volume rotary potentiometer to a minimum. Shutdown first off the amplifier, so that amplification amplifier completely shut down, this time you then turn off the front-end equipment, whether produced another big surge current will not seeding and the amplifier and speakers. Similarly when the plane take off the amplifier volume rotary potentiometer to the minimum, and then shut off or put in front with a CD player.
        6, common to machine. Common but it can extend the life of the machine, such as some portion of the belt motor (tape deck, CD player, laser disc player, etc.). When not rotating, some parts will be deformed.
        7, to regular electricity. In the case of long-term use, especially in the wet, hot season, the best power-half hours a day. This use of the heat generated within the machine components of work to get rid of moisture, to avoid internal coil, speaker voice coil, transformer mildew off moisture.
        8, from time to time use a clean damp soft cloth to wipe the surface of the machine; when not in use dust cover or drape the machine cover to prevent dust from entering.
        9, from the principle of electronics, any electronic devices should not connect or disconnect other devices charged in working condition, which I do not think much explanation friends can understand, Charged pluggable active equipment is very dangerous even the microphone so passive devices do not advocate charged pluggable. Do not need to be reminded to pick up driving amplifier speaker wire, because the speaker terminals are generally very close distance, speaker wire is tightly two parallel, often accidentally shorted speaker cable wiring, it the consequences will be quickly burned amplifier. Although some of the amplifier features a protection circuit, but some level of pure HI-FI amplifier in order to improve quality, reduce unnecessary coloration, tend to save this part of the protective measures. Thus the "off rewiring" This sentence has already become fans of a rule that must be followed.
        10, some pay attention to some of the fans in the amplifier heat engine is not a large volume knob and put some bursting music, the truth is just machines amplifier element in a cold state, then let its large current work will shorten its life. Thus some fans just machines within only half an hour to put some soft music and listening to music at a moderate volume, to be the machine to warm up and then turn up the volume to enjoy.

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