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    Location: Home News 》 Analytical audio frequency range and frequency response
    Analytical audio frequency range and frequency response
    The author:admin Update time:2019-4-17
    In practice, the frequency range of the frequency response of the sound has been a major concern, however, because it involves the specialization of knowledge, a lot of people on the frequency range and frequency response of the one-sided understanding. Frequency range and frequency response What is the difference? The higher the frequency of sound is not better? How high frequency sound more appropriate? For such problems, small series made the following order compilation:
    Defined frequency range and frequency response
    Frequency range is the frequency range of the minimum effective playback playback frequency and maximum effective sound system capable of reproducing between; frequency response refers to an audio signal with a constant voltage output of the system is connected, the speakers produce sound pressure with frequency changes occur or increased attenuation with frequency and phase change phenomena, this change in the relationship between sound pressure and phase associated with the frequency (variation) is called frequency response, unit decibels (db).
    Determining frequency sound system
    Ordinate the frequency characteristics of the sound system is commonly used decibel scale shows the power and logarithmic scale of the horizontal axis represents the frequency of the frequency response curve to describe. When sound power 3dB lower than normal power, this power point is called high-frequency cut-off point of the frequency response and low-frequency cut-off point. Frequency and high-frequency cut-off point between the low-frequency cut-off point, namely the frequency response of the device; sound pressure and phase lag versus frequency curves are called "amplitude-frequency characteristics" and "phase frequency characteristics", collectively referred to as "frequency characteristic". This speaker is to investigate the merits of the performance is an important indicator of its performance and price with the speaker has a direct relationship, its decibel value the smaller the speaker frequency response curve is flat, distortion, the higher the performance. Such as: a speaker frequency response 60Hz ~ 18kHz +/- 3dB. Sometimes does not distinguish between these two concepts, this is called frequency response.
    How high frequency sound more appropriate?
    In theory, 20 ~ 20000Hz frequency response is sufficient. Sound lower than 20Hz, though people can not hear but was able to perceive other sense organs, that is, the so-called bass can feel the intensity, so in order to play various musical instruments and perfect language signal amplifier to achieve high-fidelity target in order each harmonic tones are reproduced. So should band expansion amplifier, the lower limit extends to 20Hz below the ceiling should be raised to more than 20000Hz. For the signal source (radio head, tape deck and CD player, etc.) Frequency response representation is different. Such as frequency FM stereo broadcast European Broadcasting Union in response to a predetermined minimum target response 40 ~ ten / -2dB, the International Electrotechnical Commission decks predetermined frequency 15000Hz time: 40 ~ 12500Hz the tenth /-2.5 ten / -4. 5dB (common zone), the actual reach of the indicators are significantly higher than this value. CD player frequency response limit of 20000Hz, low-end may be very low, only a few hertz, which is one of CD quality playback machine good reason.
    Wider frequency range, sound better?
    Harmonic components constituting the sound is very complex and not the wider frequency range of voice sounds good, but it is for the middle and low terms of multimedia speakers or basic right. In marked frequency response, we often see a "system response" and "amplifier frequency response," these two terms, to know "the system frequency response" is always better than small "amplifier frequency response," range, it is marked only "amplifier frequency response," has no meaning, it is only used to deceive the uninformed consumers. Now speaker manufacturers generally marked on the system frequency response range is too large, high-frequency part of the difference is not a lot, but in the end the bass marked extremely untrue, foreign brand HiFi (hi-fi) speakers but also marked about 4,50Hz , and domestic wood two or three hundred ordinary speakers actually dared to label data, people really laugh it! Therefore, we advise the ears low frequency sound must be true, do not readily believe in values ​​on the leaflets. Multimedia speakers music is playing MP3 or CD music, songs, games, sound effects, background music and video sound of the human voice and the environment-based, alt these sounds are as much, so when in the selection of multimedia speakers it should look more performance capabilities in the high frequency of the sound, rather than low frequencies. If it is really the pursuit of cinematic, then a subwoofer is definitely strong enough to meet your needs.

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