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    Sound system common troubleshooting methods
    The author:admin Update time:2019-4-17

    Sound system human operator error "Technology people-oriented", that is not bad, no matter how good, then people have advanced equipment to operate, of course, people will make mistakes, whereby the sound system of some operational errors are inevitable a. We can only try to learn, strengthen themselves, hone their own, more experience, try to avoid such failures caused by human error.

    A mixer common fault of their own:
    1. The volume fader contact is not good, sound work intermittently.
    2. channel input port failures, such as the former XLR XLR inputs vintage Budweiser mixer is very easy to "uprooted", met at the beginning of this failure I really could not believe my eyes.
    3. Control system disorders, and once using a Soundcraft 16-channel mixer, and found no overall output signal out, and later changed to group output, wait for the next group and no signal is output, and I push the 10th Road faders, indeed sound out the first 11 channels of. Later I went through the AUX output signals, etc. The method of the last of this mixer was a complete strike. At this time we can not show the ice, and I just put the CD player to the amplifier signal directly put on some music forget. Like mixer failure for so many years I have met for the first time, I have not heard of before. In short mixer failure is nothing more than an input section, output section, the control section, power section, etc., generally due to equipment aging.

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