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    Connections sound system and peripheral equipment
    The author:admin Update time:2019-4-17

    A mixer connected
    Mentioned sound systems, of course, we first think of the mixer, the mixer, there are multiple methods to describe the most appropriate way to console likened to a sound system of the heart, how the heart blood circulation, directly affect the overall system performance. Image for consoles like a big pool of water, we have a variety of sources like water input signal into the big pool, and then in a variety of water flowing into the pool for a reasonable process, and finally from a variety of different channels flow out, the whole process is that simple. So the console is nothing more than a connection: input and output of two parts.

    (A), the mixer input portion of the line connection
    Input signal mixer generally divided into low-impedance microphone signals and high-impedance input signal line input two kinds. In fact, we can distinguish between low resistance and high impedance as different water pressure or flow rate. For example: high impedance input level is high, as if a great pressure, flow more acute, direct input into the console on the right of the pool, not in the middle of what links to adjust the water pressure and water flow rate; but low-impedance input level is low, as if the water pressure is low, the water flow is very slow, entered directly into the mixer would be inappropriate in this pool, we need to add a flood pond pump, the low-resistance, low water it increased pressure to let the water faster! so mixer low-impedance line input channels are built in a special amplifier circuit, the low amplified to an appropriate level. Such water features to describe the low-impedance and high-impedance signal it should be well understood.

    Only distinguish between high resistance, low resistance can then select the correct wire connection corresponding substantially mixer input jacks can be basically divided into three kinds:
    1. TRS: high impedance input portion typically takes 6.35cm TRS stereo connectors for balanced input, try not to use 6.35 TS mono (sound) connectors for unbalanced input, but now most of the audio playback devices that we use, such as: CD, VCD, DVD, MD, MP3, etc., and the output signal of most of the instruments are usually high impedance signal.
    2. XLR: The low resistance usually XLR XLR connectors for balanced input, and now most wired microphones usually have jack with a low resistance connection with the mixer.
    3. RCA: if any mixer with TAPE recording input, it is usually connected using RCA connectors Lotus.

    Mixer signal input section issues that need attention: the input signal has been described above, the mixer can be divided into low-impedance and high-impedance input, but how to accurately define a path of low resistance or high-impedance signal belongs on the need to be flexible. For example, according to the standard, organ, electric bass, electric guitar and so on belong to a high-impedance signal, to use 6.35-plug input to the mixer can, but in some places from the stage to the connecting line between the mixer too long, the line resistance large, plus lighting systems and other interference, so that the background noise of signal lines has been great, even without any input source signals, the mixer line input channels put the gain is large, there will be open a lot of background noise, like the above describe: this line is a river, and now this river sediment have been too much, this time a lot of noise in this line or can not be changed, but the line there the instrument has been turned up to maximum volume and can not be increased, that is put into the river can only give you so deep in the water, how to do it? If you use a high-impedance input signal is equal to the river water does not increase, water quality is not You can change the sound quality of course, no way to change; if low-impedance XLR jack plug from the input signal, the river will be a little shallow low resistance through the amplifier amplification, so that the water depth, water quality is good, the sound quality is good, too. It sounds good to be true, we can try. I have been doing a lot of projects, the band basically using XLR from low-impedance input, although seemingly not standardized, but is actually quite upset reducing noise band. So we still have to be flexible, to find the best methods of work in practice.

    (B), the output of the mixer section line connection
    1. The output section now has a lot of professional mixer socket, and each division, although not part of the input jack and more but is relatively simple. So be careful when connecting the output signal. Usually the main output section of the mixer still refers to the total volume output, marshalling volume output, AUX output, etc., in general, the output of the mixer section by function generally can be divided into six parts:

    2. Grouping Output: If we put the subwoofer by 1-2 group to control the volume, then only the corresponding subgroup outputs from the mixer 1-2 jack outputs the audio signal output from the output port group in most cases, TRS stereo jacks for balanced output, of course, some with XLR connectors.

    3. Main channel output: L-R main channel usually XLR XLR balanced output, some small mixer is also useful TRS stereo jack substitute.

    4. AUX output: AUX output Mixer is the most common output gives sound effects, followed by the band or singer is used to provide a monitor signal, of course, there are also open to other uses, such as: recording, used as an auxiliary speaker signals. AUX usually TRS stereo jacks output signals.

    5. Direct Direct output portion: more professional mixer in each input channel has a "Direct Direct Output" jack, the jack can be provided to another device for recording, monitoring, etc., usually per channel mixer It is the use of TRS stereo jack output signal. For example, a television show broadcast needs, but also live broadcast, if a 20-way audio signal, then we can put the first 20-way audio signal input to the TV console, and then re-use tuning Direct TV output directly Taichung this socket 20-way audio signal input to a mixer in live performance. Of course, now that the first 20 are for safety way audio signal by signal amplification distributor adjust, and then were given a good distribution of television Mixer live mixer, spare emergency mixer, audio mixer or other equipment.

    6. Recording output: Usually analog audio signal output jack mostly use RCA connectors Lotus. If it is possible that the digital signal using optical fiber, FireWire and other digital output.

    7. INS insert the jack plug: between input and output in the console between this type of connector, it uses TRS stereo connectors to connect. About INS insert sound engineer might plug a lot will not use, it can be a peripheral device into a mixer input channel, group or main channel (left and right) channel, separately inserted channel sound signal processing. Performed with the use of TRS TRS stereo connector connection method is TRS TRS stereo plug output signal from the head end, to the input of the device to be inserted, and then from the output of the device sends signal to the TRS TRS stereo plugs with the ring, and then flows into the console inside. For example, we can use this method to 1,2 mic mixer insert an equalizer, it is equivalent to 1,2 mic on this cut off the water, add a water processor (equalizer), and then enter into mixer, this adjustment better sound effects.

    The above is connected to the console, whether it is part of the mixer input or output section, jacks and signal connection method used is basically these types, only when connecting to note correct.

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